Ancient wisdom to treat a modern world.

At Embrace Health our treatments are given with great care. They are safe, gentle and deeply relaxing. We focus on communicating effectively with you so you feel a part of your wellness plan. With many treatment modalities to draw from, your visits will be tailored specifically to meet your needs. Acupuncture is one among many therapies that we use in addition to cupping, electro-stimulation acupuncture, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, kinesio taping, and exercise therapy. We address a wide variety of health concerns with an integrative and practical approach.


Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese theory of Qi. Qi flows through a network of interconnected pathways in the body, and the free flow of qi promotes healthy tissues and organs. Acupuncture restores balance to the body by regulating qi flow: removing blockages, strengthening deficiency, and calming excess. It uses the body’s own healing capabilities to reduce pain and inflammation and increase circulation. Modern science supports the fact that needling the acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system to release beneficial neurotransmitters and opioid peptides that reduce pain and promote the body’s own biochemical balance..

Acupuncture’s effectiveness is not dependent on your beliefs. Acupuncture successfully treats animals and babies, neither of whom have preconceived beliefs about the effectiveness of acupuncture.

We will start with a comprehensive intake where your health history and symptoms will be discussed in depth, followed by an acupuncture treatment and possible adjunctive therapies such as cupping, moxibustion, massage therapy, ect.

Acupuncture is extremely safe without harmful side effects. Needles are sealed in a sterilized package and only used once.

With a skilled acupuncturist, most people find acupuncture treatment painless and relaxing. At Embrace Health we utilize gentle techniques to create a restorative and relaxing experience.

Frequency and number of treatments vary by patient and condition. Some factors that impact healing include a patient’s overall well-being, lifestyle choices and the duration and complexity of the condition. During your initial consultation at Embrace Health, you and your acupuncturist will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Weekly treatments are typical, with severe conditions requiring more frequent visits. Chronic conditions usually take longer to resolve, but acute conditions like the flu or a muscle spasm will resolve much more quickly. The sooner a person seeks treatment, the more quickly the condition will resolve.

Most people feel very relaxed immediately after acupuncture. Improvement in symptoms may come and go, with improvement immediately after treatment and declining in effectiveness until your next visit. Each treatment has a cumulative effect; eventually we should see improvement both in length of effectiveness and a reduction in intensity of symptoms. You may also notice other improvements in overall well-being such as improved energy, better sleep, moods, circulation etc.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that focuses on balancing the body as a whole.  The specific details of a patient’s symptoms, along with other diagnostic tools, indicate the type of imbalance a person has. Symptoms (pain, discomfort, insomnia, fatigue) are the language the body has to communicate this imbalance.

By treating underlying imbalances instead of focusing on masking symptoms,  we can focus on preventive medicine rather than waiting for small symptoms to turn into significant disease.

The main treatment tools of traditional Chinese medicine are, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese massage called tui na, cupping and moxibustion.​



​Acupuncture improves function, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and promotes the body’s natural healing. Western medical research shows that acupuncture has the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological processes to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

In traditional Chinese medicine terms acupuncture works by regulating the flow of energy (or “qi”) throughout the body.  In a healthy body, the qi flows unimpeded.  Disease and pain occur when the qi is deficient or stagnant within the bodies system.​

Our Providers


Kristi Oshiro

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Kristi Oshiro L.Ac., M.S. is a licensed Acupuncturist by the State of California, and an alumnus of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a licensed herbalist, acupuncturist and certified massage therapist.

Kristi's journey in Chinese medicine began with her lifelong interest in nature, health and the environment. She received a Bachelor of Science from Humboldt State University California in Environmental Communications and Buddhist Studies. Kristi discovered that Chinese medicine's perspective on the body integrates her interest in health, living in balance with nature, and Asian philosophy.

Kristi's clinical expertise includes treating pain as well as gynecological and emotional imbalances. She utilizes a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, therapeutic massage, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to provide her patients with a multidimensional treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. She creates a warm, comfortable, professional environment so her patients can relax and focus on their healing.

Kristi loves the outdoors, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking are some of her favorite activities. She is an avid soccer fan, and is happiest on a soccer pitch stopping goals. She is married with a family that spans the animal kingdom.