Embrace Health represents a revolutionary way of thinking about health and rehabilitation, wellness care and prevention. Our patients recognize that wellness is a lifestyle practice, and that prevention of disease builds a higher quality, and longer life. We focus on all aspects of care from acute injury and disease to prevention and wellness.

Katharine and Kristi have carefully selected a team of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and Pilates providers to deliver the best coordinated care and help you thrive.

Communication among an effective combination of highly-trained professionals ensures that health challenges like pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and sports injuries will be treated with a team approach.

Not only do we create a patient-centered approach within our integrative wellness clinic, but we also collaborate with many of our patient’s medical doctors and other healthcare providers for the best possible treatment plan.

We believe that to do your best in the world, you should feel your best. Every person who leaves our office feeling less pain and more vibrancy takes that positivity into the world to make a greater impact on others. Strong and healthy people build strong and healthy communities.

Our Mission

  • We recognize there are many ways to wellness and offer coordinated care that honors your individual path to health and happiness.
  • We aim to provide the best possible care to our patients by always putting your wellness needs above all else.
  • We strive to create efficient office management practices to provide you with excellent customer service; always with a friendly smile.

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